The Save the Lorraine Foundation is working on the restoration and preservation of the historic Lorraine Theatre.

The purpose of this foundation is to save the Lorraine from further decay and deterioration. It has been a gathering spot for us and our families for decades and represents our shared history. Our memories need to be maintained, and by getting our theatre in use again, those memories will be preserved. The Lorraine will be owned by the people of the community; no corporation, no bank or other city group. Contact the Save the Lorraine Foundation at lorrainetheatre@gmail.com.

The purpose of the Brick by Brick Fund raiser is to take in donation to help preserve the exterior of the Lorraine theatre by tuck pointing (replacing mortar between the Bricks). The drive has gathered about $9500 and along with grants, fund raisers, the Foundation has been able to tuck point about three quarters of the building. We still have the West Side and some in the back to complete to seal the building from the outside elements. The Brick by Brick is still ongoing and donations will still be accepted and used specifically for the exterior of the building. It will give you the opportunity to be a Part of It.


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